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    经典句子翻译 (800字)

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    7. 据说他将是我们的校长。Word has it he will be our president. 他勉强向她挤出了一点笑容。He forced a smile at her. 他跌跌撞撞地站了起来。He staggered to his feet. 汗水把他后背的衣服浸透了。Sweat soaked through the back of his shirt. 我们没日没夜连续工作了三天。We worked all day and all night for 3 straight days. 我们足足等了一个小时。We have waited a good hour 父亲的运动天赋他没有继承一丁点。He didn't inherit a shred of athletic talents from his father. 闪光点a shred of.

    8. 大家都认为做生意不是他的天性。All think running a business isn't something in his blood. 闪光点:in his blood

    9. 为什么他们把头发留得那么长?Why they grow their hair that long? 闪光点:grow 10. 我希望父母只属于我一个人。 I want my parents all to myself. 闪光点:to,介词在英语里总是那样举足轻重。

    11. 我们共一个奶妈。We fed from the same breasts. 闪光点是the same breasts中国人喜欢从人的角度表达,西方人更加准确。

    12. 我到他家只去过为数不多的几次。I visited him only a handful of times. 闪光点是a handful of,为数不多的。

    13. 眼睛是心灵的窗口. Eyes are windows to the soul. 这里介词to是闪光点

    14. 他抽烟抽了一整天。He chainsmoked a whole day.

    15. 回家的路上他抽了一路的烟,一句话没说。He smoked all the way home, not a single word uttered.

    16. 据我所知,这是通向学校唯一的路。To my knowledge, this is the only road to the school. 17. 一想起玛丽,汤姆的心就怦怦地乱跳起来。At the thought of Mary, Tom's heart stuttered 18. 我会坚持立场的。I'll stand my ground.

    19. 这句话很饶舌。This sentence is quite tongue-twisting

    20. 他尽量装出一点笑容来。He tried to fake a smile

    21. 我沉浸在甜美的幻觉中。I immersed myself in a sweet illusion.

    22. 看到这恐怖的一幕,我俯下身干呕(dry-heave)起来。At the sight of horrible scene, I doubled over and dry-heaved.

    23. 我压低了声音把消息告诉汤姆。I told Tom the news under my breath.

    24. 汤姆夹在简和玛丽之间坐了下来。Tom sat down, sandwiched by Jean and Mary. 25. 他们互相看了一眼。They exchanged a glance.

    26. 他们向我逼过来。The closed in on me

    27. 我没有发现问题的要点。I missed the point of the issue.

    28. 他上上下下打量了我一下。He eyed me up and down.

    29. 我小心地穿过人群。I picked my way through the crowd

    30. 太阳落到山背后去了。The sun sank behind the hills.

    31. 金色的阳光撒满他的面庞。The golden sunlight washed over his face.

    32. 他偷偷看了几眼手表。He stole several glances at his watch.

    33. 如果在大街上碰到,我会认识他的。If I had bumped into him in the streets, I would have recognized him.

    34. 他熬了一个通宵。He stayed up a whole night.

    35. 寒风如针,刺着他的脸。The needle-cold wind pierced his face.

    36. 我劝了他几次,但他根本不听。I tried to persuade him several times, but he would hear nothing of it.

    37. 他身高1.74米。He stands 1.74 meters tall.

    38. 顶起脚尖我也只够得着他的下巴。Standing on my toes, I can only come up to his chin. 39. 最终,他还是屈服于命运。Eventually, he surrendered to fate.

    40. 对于别人的规劝他只当做耳边风。He turned a deaf ear to any suggestion.

    41. Fifteen years of marriage turned us into mind readers. 结婚十五年,我们心有灵犀。

    42. 难民大量涌入土耳其。Refugees flocked into Turkey

    43. Tears squeezed out between her lids

    44. .从书房出来,他双眼肿胀,布满血丝。He came out of the study, eyes puffy and bloodshot

    45. 嫁入王家后,她过得很幸福。Marrying into the Wangs, She led a happy life.

    46. 他强忍住泪水,朝她笑了笑。Biting back his tears, he smiled at her.

    47. 大家只好凑合着用这间房了。We'll have to make do with this room.

    48. 玛丽走进来,后面跟着几个小孩子。Mary came in, tailed by several kids.

    49. 他把钥匙插进锁孔里。He slipped the key into the lock hole

    50. 说到这里,她眼泪夺眶而出。With this, tears welled up.

    51. 他停下来,喘了一口气。He stopped, taking a breath。

    52. 门里伸出一个头来,把他上下打量了一番。A man popped his head out of the door and looked him up and down.

    53. 他鼓起勇气,上前敲了敲门。He plucked up the courage to go to the door and knocked on it.

    54. 那是民国5年,1916年农历12月16日。That was the 16th day of the 12th lunar month in 1916, the fifth year of the Republic.

    55. 这台机器需要修理。This machine needs fixing.

    56. 月光从一扇破窗户倾泻而入。Moonbeams streamed in through the broken window.

    57. 如果你仔细听,你就能听到远处水果小贩的叫卖声。If you listen hard, you can hear the call of fruit sellers in the distance.

    58. 他盯着孩子,双眉紧锁。He gazed at the kid, eyebrows knitted.

    59. 汽车开走了,扬起一阵灰尘。The truck rolled away, stirring a cloud of dust.

    60. 悲伤再次在内心涌起。Sadness welled up in my heart

    61. 一团黑色的烟雾飘向天空。A plume of smoke rose to the sky.

    62. 乞丐伸出沾满泥的手乞求给一个硬币。The beggar held out his mud-caked hand for a coin

    63. 当广州展现在我眼前时,我不能相信这就是我日思夜想的广州。When Guangzhou unrolled before my eyes, I couldn't believe this was the city in my everyday dreams.

    64. 看见孩子,玛丽面露喜色。At the sight of her child, Mary's face light up.

    65. 大街上到处是一群群的学生。The streets swarm with students.

    66. 大街上挤满了行人。The streets are choked with pedestrians

    67. 他怒气冲冲地离开了房间。He stormed out of the room.

    68. :“为什么你们要瞒着我?”我咆哮道。"Why you hide it from me?" I bellowed.

    69. 每天他要花很多时间来打理他的花儿。He spent a lot of time tending his flowers everyday.

    70. 他知道,他让父母失望了。He knew he had let his parents down.

    71. 他辗转反侧一整夜,不能入睡。He tossed and turned in the bed all night, sleepless.

    72. 你成功的机会很小。Your chance of success is slim.

    73. 他收养了一个孩子来续香火。He adopted a child to continue family line.

    74. 我没日没夜地拼命干活。I worked hard day in and day out.

    75. 他的来访引起了一阵很大的轰动。His visit stirred a great sensation.

    76. 老爷看穿了他的心思。The master looked through his trick.

    77. 敲诈把他吓得魂不附体。Blackmail scared him out of his wits.

    78. 一阵痛楚袭上心头。A wave of panic ran over him

    79. 听他说完,我沉默了。Hearing him out, I fell silent.

    80. 得知真相后,他勃然大怒。Knowing the truth, he flew into a rage.

    81. 他是个两面派。He is a double-faced person.

    82. 他知道怎样讨好上级。He knows how to butter up his superior.

    83. 他和大家的关系都很好。He is on good terms with everybody

    84. 桌上摆着文房四宝:笔、墨、纸、砚。On the desk are the "four treasures of the study", i.e., writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper

    85. 有他负责就不会出错。Nothing went amiss when he was in charge.

    86. 他经常从后门溜出去打麻将。He often slipped out of the rear gate to play mahjong.

    87. 大门咣当一声关上了。The gate clanked shut


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